FOX Subsea operate and own a wide range of Subsea Reel System and Subsea Intervention Baskets for safer and more efficient deployment of Electrical Flying Leads (EFL) & Hydraulic Flying Leads (HFL) and various intervention tooling.


The subsea flying leads reeler system designed for handling up to 6 pcs 30-meter flying leads. Each slot have dedicated parking slots for both hotstabs and wet-mate connector. Reeler System have a simple and reliable spooling system using a Class 4 Torque Tool as motor. The torque tool can be either electric or hydraulic operated by the MODOFX control system and topside GUI.


  • Qualified operating depth 3000m
  • Up to 6 dedicated slots for Flying Leads
  • Parking slots for Electrical Flying Leads
  • Parking slots for Hydraulic Flying Leads
  • Class 4 (API 17D) Torque Tool motor
  • Braking system
  • Compact, simple and robust design