Exciting Management Shifts for Future Growth!

januar 30, 2024

In a strategic move to strengthen FOX Subsea’s position in the industry and enhance customer-centric practices, the management team is undergoing organisational changes. While these adjustments are designed to optimize the organization for future growth, customers can rest assured that operational practices will remain unwavering. While no public announcements have been made up until today, these shifts have been quietly in practice for a while.

Board of Directors, FOX Subsea

FOX Subsea Management

We are happy to announce that;

Sissel Fladen steps up as CEO

Sissel Fladen, former Chief Business Officer (CBO), steps into the role she was destined for since she joined the FOX Subsea team. With a proven track record spanning several years, Fladen is the natural choice for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Her leadership promises to bring in a new era of growth, continuity, and customer-focused excellence.

Bjørn Tore Lien appointed as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bjørn Tore Lien, embarks on a new journey as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). His mission is to foster a more visible and collaborative relationship with customers. Lien will actively engage with clients, working closely on strategic initiatives and strengthening ties with our valuable blue-chip customers.

Jan-Robert Lingjærde transitions from COO to CTO

Jan-Robert Lingjærde, former Chief Operating Officer (COO), is set to take on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This shift is aimed at freeing up more time from daily operations, allowing him to lead technological advancements. Lingjærde’s intensified focus on product development and portfolio enhancement will play a crucial role in guiding FOX Subsea toward innovative horizons. To complement this transition, the company will soon introduce additional key positions within its operations.

These strategic changes signify FOX Subsea’s commitment to enhancing its focus on customers, position in the market, service quality, and overall organizational efficiency. The company is ready to navigate the future with strengthened determination, ensuring that FOX Subsea remains a reliable partner for its valued customers.

Bjørn Tore Lien, former CEO